“A Day in the Life” lifestyle photos- San Antonio, TX

This past summer, I took some time off of working, blogging, social media- and all that other business stuff- to go home to Michigan.  (I haven’t lived there in nearly 14 years, but I still call it “home”!)   Our family had a pretty rough past year.  My sweet cousin Lorie, only 3 years younger than me, lost her hard-fought battle with a rare form of cancer.  My Grandma actually passed away that very same night, preceeded by my Nana only 3 weeks prior.  Even my Dad had a hospital scare during that time.  It’s always a little hard to be so far from my family, but at times like that, it’s especially difficult.

So, after school was out, I was determined to let my business have a little hiatus, and go spend some quality time with our loved ones! Unfortunately, Chris couldn’t take work off, so we missed him the whole time, but we had so much family to make up for it!  We got some Grandma and Grandmpa time.  Some Cousin time!  Some time to talk, play, camp, fish- or just spend time together doing absolutely nothing.  We laughed a lot. Cried a lot. Ate a lot.  Cousins fought one minute, and were best friends again the next. And all of the normally mundane things we do from day to day were especially sweet because we were with family.

Documenting the everyday…

I finally got around to going through some of the hundreds of photos I took of our Michigan summer.  They weren’t traditional portraits- but instead just showed us all and what we do everyday- and how we are together.  And I just adore them.  I love making pictures with a more candid, documentary vibe.  A “Day in the life” of our family. My nephews and nieces- on both my husband’s side and my side- seem to grow almost as fast as our own kiddos.  I’m so thankful I’ll have these photos to remember these kids long after they’ve grown to cool to want to hang out with me anymore.  (Well, perhaps that’s happening already!)

My plan is to one day offer “Day in the Life” or Candid Family Photography sessions for my clients.  But it’s still a work in progress! Anyway, I thought I would share a bit of our “Day in the Life” from this summer in Michigan!

boy with uncle playing checkers
cousins acting silly in the water
girl fishing off a dock and bating a hook
blonde girl doing gymnastics
boy and girl petting a foal
kids hammering things
teen boy plowing fields
proud dad talking to son, three generations
teen boy driving tractor
B&W photos of kids smiling
little boy laughing
kids playing Othello
young boy driving red tractor
boy in old garage
kids splashing in the lake
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