San Antonio Newborn Photography Studio: Covid-19 Update

Happy San Antonio Summer everyone! It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog (though it’s NOT been quiet in our house!) 😆 The past couple months have found me putting the studio on the back burner to focus on helping my kids finish “Covid-19 School” (as they called it). And my husband being out of state for the first 4 months of the year didn’t make it any easier…But, being that I just opened the studio here in San Antonio about 6 months prior, I was still relatively “invisible” here by Google standards. So, I decided to just put everything related to my business on hold and focus on my family. At first, we relaxed with another week of spring break, then focused on schoolwork, read a lot, snuggled and watch a lot of movies, did a lot of crafts…It was nice to slow down and remember what’s REALLY important. (It wasn’t nice all the time, mind you- this was still two young children at home for 3 months!) But by and large, we made the best of it.
And since newborn photography is “non-essential,” (which, of course, I will always argue to the opposite!) 😉 I wasn’t allowed to open anyway. So, I took it as a clear sign of what I was supposed to focus on. It was a no-brainer for us.

Thankfully, school is now over for the summer, and per Governor Abbott’s orders, I can officially REOPEN! I don’t take this lightly, either. Luckily, I’m ahead of the game when it comes to maintaining health standards in my home studio, because my tiny clients’ health and safety is and has ALWAYS been my first priority.

Newborn Photography Health & Safety during Covid-19

For those families looking to book a newborn or baby session here in the SLP studio, rest assured I will be taking every precaution to keep your family (and my own) safe and healthy during this time. Here is a run-down of everything that I have ALWAYS done in the studio, and the additional steps I’m taking to be extra safe during this time:

  1. As always, sessions in the studio are by appointment only. It is not open to the public.
  2. As always, I practice proper handwashing before handling any tiny clients, and use additional hand sanitizer whenever required throughout the session. (For example, I always wash my hands before starting a session. If I change a wet diaper while baby is being posed, I will then use hand sanitizer, since I never leave baby unattended. If I have to itch my nose? hand sanitizer afterward! 😛 My background as an early-education consultant comes in handy here!)
  3. As always, all fabrics, outfits, props, etc. are washed and sanitized after every session.
  4. As always, the cover for the changing table (in the client lounge for mom and dad’s convenience) is washed and sanitized after every session.
  5. As always, I ask families to remove their shoes at the door, since babies love to crawl on our floor!

Additionally, I’m implementing the following until further notice:

  1. I will be wearing a mask throughout all studio sessions
  2. Studio newborn sessions are limited to immediate family only, and studio sitter/baby milestone sessions are limited to baby and parent(s).
  3. Families are asked to wear masks whenever possible (i.e. It’s not always possible with a toddler!). 😀 I have a supply of disposable masks (that are far more comfortable to wear) if needed.
  4. Additional sanitizing will be done between every session (e.g. door handles, shelving, mini-fridge handles, table surfaces, etc.) to ensure a clean and sanitary space.

Now family sessions are even simpler, as I shoot outdoors! Most SLP family sessions are shot at a beautiful off-the-beaten-path area away from other people. And though my families won’t be wearing masks for their session, I will. And for part of my sessions, I use a long focal-length lens which requires me to be about 10-20 feet away from my subjects. This makes it pretty easy to let kiddos run around and capture them from afar. When I want to shoot closer, my face mask serves as an extra precaution. In fact, shooting family photos at this time is not only simple, I think it’s a welcome reprieve from staying inside for so long. I’m really looking forward to some summer family sessions!

Furthermore, I’m happy to be able to tell clients that our family has mostly stayed at home since March. Our “travel” being limited to the grocery store for groceries (where I wear my mask, and a hip belt with hand sanitizer- like a Covid-19 outlaw!) and our nearby Mexican restaurant for take-out (because I’ve cooked enough in the past 3 months to last the next year!)

I feel good knowing that my business can still serve families while keeping them safe. And for my own family’s safety, I ask all clients to delay any sessions should they have potentially been exposed to the public while not observing standard precautions (such as a face covering or necessary hand washing).

I am excited to start shooting again. It’s been too long! Working with my sweet families and snuggling their precious babies is my happy place. I love what I do and can’t wait to get back to work.
Should you have any questions at all about safety precautions I’m taking during this time or any other questions about SLP sessions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line or give me a ring at 210-489-1790. I’ll be here!
Hope to see your sweet families soon!

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