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Next on my list of tips to help you take better photos of your kids is something stealthy… something that will help you hone your ninja skills (or your parent skills, depending on how you look at it!)

Tip #4 for taking better pictures of your kids: Hide from them and watch from afar.

I’m sometimes lucky enough to catch my kids in a quiet moment (though “quiet” in our house is usually extremely suspicious!) 😉  If I’m lucky enough to witness a few moments of them reading quietly or playing together sweetly, I will just sit there and stare at them- trying to burn the sweet moment into my memory (and enjoy the precious moment while it lasts, because it’s usually not long!)  But of course photographs are the one sure way to capture that moment forever!


Stepping back (into another room or where you aren’t seen) can create beautiful and sweet images that make the viewer feel as if they’re there.  So does shooting wide (with a lens of about 35mm or less) to allow you to capture more of the scene and tell more of the story.

Having fun sneaking around with your camera and seeing what you find!

S i g n   U p !