Sarah is incredibly talented! She not only finds the best moment, setting, and photo, but is so sweet with kids, making them comfortable, and shows them (and parents,) how to enjoy the shoot! I love her work, appreciate her sweet nature, and will absolutely book another session!


– Tracie L.


I’m Sarah, the mom-with-a-camera turned entrepreneur behind SLP.

I love photographing faces- especially the littlest ones. It’s my hope that I can make

once-in-a-lifetime portraits for your family.

I know it’s corny, but I felt like my soul

came alive when I began to photograph my own brand new children…

with the realization that I can keep their

tiny miraculous details with me forever-

in a photograph- to remind me of the overwhelming love I felt in those moments...

and the chaos and hilarity I felt in others!

As I continue to perfect my craft- capturing all of your family's sweet, crazy,

and precious moments- I now see

it’s what I was meant to do.

Get in TOuch!


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