Newborn Session/Baby Milestone Session Giveaway WINNERS!

baby photo session giveaway display

The Baby’s First Christmas Event at Babies-R-Us was SO much fun!  I got to meet and talk to a ton of sweet moms and dads (and Grandmas and Grandpas, too!), got to see a heap of GORGEOUS babies, and got to share my business and services with families in our new town.  I want to thank Babies-R-Us for welcoming me into their store- I appreciate the opportunity so much!

So, names from the “fishbowl” have been drawn and we have our winners!  (Yes, that’s winner-S-!  I decided to draw a winner from each of the two events on 11/18 and 12/2!)

And the winners of the newborn session/baby milestone sessions are:

Crystal Obarr & Phylicia Ferguson!

Congratulations Ladies!  I can’t wait to meet with you and start planning your little ones’ sessions!!

And for all of the moms and dads that entered the drawing… THANK YOU!  And you’ll receive something as well.  😉 If you didn’t receive a coupon at the event already… You have been gifted $50 off of any SLP portrait session!  Whether you’d love to capture your 6 month old who’s starting to sit up, or have been meaning to have new family portraits done- take $50 off any SLP session fee!

baby boy crawling

  rainbow baby girl with headband

Take a look at the sessions I offer HERE!

Win a newborn/baby portrait session with Sarah Lake Photography!

free newborn/baby portrait session giveaway for Sarah Lake Photography

I am so excited that Babies-R-Us has welcomed me to be a part of their “Baby’s First Christmas” Event this year!  We just moved to Maryland from Arizona about two weeks ago, and this is such an awesome way to announce my business arriving here in Waldorf!  The folks at Babies-R-Us in Waldorf have created a “Learning Center” in their store, where they hold both classes for the community- on everything from packing your hospital bag and breastfeeding/bottle-feeding basics- to events celebrating the holidays and babies’ milestones!  For their “Baby’s First Christmas” Event, they are having giveaways of various prizes as well as social media photo ops for babies and parents (as well as parents-to-be)!    Yours truly will be there on BOTH days of the event (Saturday, Nov. 18 and Saturday, Dec. 2) to display some of my artwork and printed portraits as well as (most importantly!) to GIVEAWAY a free newborn or baby milestone portrait session!

The last “Baby’s First Christmas” Event will take place from 12:00-1:00 on Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Babies-R-Us store on Crain Highway in Waldorf.  Come to register for the event, possibly win some prizes and- of course- register to win a free newborn/baby portrait session with Sarah Lake Photography!  (I may or may not have decided to draw TWO winners!)  😉   See you there!

Sarah Lake Photography, LLC- Candid Family Photography


This past summer, I took some time off of working, blogging, social media- and all that other business stuff- to go home to Michigan.  (I haven’t lived there in nearly 14 years, but I still call it “home”!)   Our family had a pretty rough past year.  My sweet cousin Lorie, only 3 years younger than me, lost her hard-fought battle with a rare form of cancer.  My Grandma actually passed away that very same night, preceeded by my Nana only 3 weeks prior.  Even my Dad had a hospital scare during that time.  It’s always a little hard to be so far from my family, but at times like that, it’s especially difficult.

So, after school was out, I was determined to let my business have a little hiatus, and go spend some quality time with our loved ones! Unfortunately, Chris couldn’t take work off, so we missed him the whole time, but we had so much family to make up for it!  We got some Grandma and Grandmpa time.  Some Cousin time!  Some time to talk, play, camp, fish- or just spend time together doing absolutely nothing.  We laughed a lot. Cried a lot. Ate a lot.  Cousins fought one minute, and were best friends again the next. And all of the normally mundane things we do from day to day were especially sweet because we were with family.

I finally got around to going through some of the hundreds of photos I took of our Michigan summer.  They weren’t traditional portraits- but instead just showed us all and what we do everyday- and how we are together.  And I just adore them.  I love making pictures with a more candid, documentary vibe.  A “Day in the life” of us. My nephews and nieces- on both my husband’s side and my side- seem to grow almost as fast as our own kiddos.  I’m so thankful I’ll have these photos to remember these kids long after they’ve grown to cool to want to hang out with me anymore.  (Well, perhaps that’s happening already!)

My plan is to one day offer “Day in the Life” or Candid Family Photography sessions for my clients.  But it’s still a work in progress! Anyway, I thought I would share a bit of our “Day in the Life” from this summer in Michigan!

boy with uncle playing checkers cousins acting silly in the water girl fishing off a dock and bating a hook blonde girl doing gymnastics boy and girl petting a foal kids hammering things teen boy plowing fields proud dad talking to son, three generations teen boy driving tractor B&W photos of kids smiling little boy laughing kids playing Othello young boy driving red tractor boy in old garage kids splashing in the lake


DSLR Workshop/Class!

I have worked so hard and been so blessed to see my little business grow so well the past three years. I have focused on honing my craft, refining my shooting and editing, and giving my amazing clients an experience and product that is worthy of them and their investment and trust in me.  But I’ve always had a little bug in my ear saying that I would LOVE to somehow teach what I’ve learned… I have some friends that are also amazing photographers and teach their own photography workshops and absolutely love it.  I already know I love teaching, so after several different clients asked if I would offer them a class of some sort so that they could finally learn how to work their cameras, I decided it was the perfect time!

I’ve already held one workshop that was an awesome success- and tons of fun!  Now….. it’s time for another!

Photography/DSLR Camera Workshop with Sierra Vista Photographer, Sarah Lake Photography, LLCIf you’d like to FINALLY figure out how to actually take GOOD photos with your DSLR camera… If you’d FINALLY like to figure out what all the buttons and settings are for and which ones you actually need (or not)… If you’d finally like to make a beautiful photograph of your kiddos’ sweet faces (instead of a dark, blurry, shadow-y, flash-y, or icky one)… If you FINALLY want to feel like buying that DSLR camera was actually WORTH it, then this workshop is for YOU.

It will be very hands-on, with one-on-one instruction, and a TON of time to shoot, practice your new skills, and amaze yourself.  I’m a former teacher, so I have a little bit of experience in instruction  😉  so all you’ll need is a DSLR camera, and a can-do attitude!




TIME:  9:00-1:00 (aproox. 4 hours, with breaks of course!)

COST: $95 per participant/ $150 per couple (if using one camera)


LOCATION: TBA! (It will be in or around SV, where we can easily have instruction, discussion, as well as a beautiful shooting area!

INCLUDES: A printed take-home WORKBOOK including all the topics (plus illustrative photos!) covered in the workshop.  Also- SNACKS!  😉


  • How to focus on what you want to focus on 😉
  • Aperture, shutter speed, ISO…. The exposure triangle!
  • The camera dial, basic camera settings, metering, lenses
  • The flash: When to use it. When NOT to use it!
  • How to start taking photos that you L-O-V-E
  • And more…

All of my SLP clients have had the first opportunity to sign up for this workshop, and now it’s open for everyone!  



This ADORABLE little guy was one of the several January newborns I was privileged to photograph this month!  He has the sweetest, most loving family… A doting mom and dad and two big sisters who will surely make him their precious little pet!  🙂

And just in time, I signed up for beta-testing of a new slideshow maker, so I got to play around with his film debut!   So much fun!

Say Hello to baby Harry…



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